Professor Marston & The Wonder Women, a film launching production this week, purports to be the true story of Wonder Woman's credited creator, William Moulton Marston, and the two women with whom he lived in a polyamorous marriage, Elizabeth Holloway and Olive Byrne, but it remains to be seen what version of the story it will tell.

The movie is written and directed by Angela Robinson, and stars Luke Evans as Marston, Rebecca Hall as Holloway, and Bella Heathcote as Byrne. It's being made independently, but Sony has already signed on to distribute.




In any biopic, choices have to be made about what story to tell, because truth is never as objective as we'd like it to be. So there are a lot of questions that immediately come up, at least for me, about what will be included in this movie.

Will Holloway be given credit for her hand in creating Wonder Woman? Will Byrne be a part of that too? Will their relationship be an equal three-way partnership, or more like one guy with two wives? Will the sex cult run by Marston's aunt, as discussed in Jill Lepore's The Secret History of Wonder Woman, be a part of the film? Will Harry Peter, Wonder Woman's original artist, be a character?

The fact that the movie is being made by Angela Robinson is very encouraging. Robinson herself is queer, and previously wrote and directed the film D.E.B.S., which has a cult following among queer women. It seems likely that Robinson will approach the social dynamics and sexual politics behind Wonder Woman with nuance rather than judgment.

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