There are a lot of toy options on the market, but only QMx has been putting a customizable word balloon spin on franchises such as Star Trek and other comics-friendly fare with its unique Q-Pop line. This month at Toy Fair, the company will officially unveil its furthest foray into the world of superhero pop culture yet, with the release of four new DC Comics Q-Pop figures. But you don't have to wait until next Sunday to see the upcoming toys, ComicsAlliance has been provided with a first-look at an unpainted prototype of the Catwoman Q-Pop, along with color concept art of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Q-Pops are roughly 3.75" PVC figures that stand atop special mini-diorama bases, complete with optional word balloon effect parts. The word balloons act as a dry-erase board, giving collectors the chance to personalize the figure's dialogue with a given Q-Pop's included marker. It's a clever accessory that I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen pop up until now.

The upcoming DC Q-Pops will retail for between $20-30 when they arrive this summer at specialty stores and online. While our first look focuses on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Catwoman, Green Lantern and other characters are also in line to get the Q-Pops treatment.

You can check out prototype images and concept art for QMx's upcoming DC Q-Pop figures below.