Quantum Mechanix, more succinctly known as QMx, has been in the miniaturized replica game for a while, but has only recently started dabbling in the realm of sixth-scale figures. The Star Trek figures for Kirk and Spock were nice surprises at this year's Toy Fair, but QMx really rolled out the star-spangled carpet for the crew of the USS Enterprise at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

That's not to say Star Trek was the only thing on Quantum's mind this SDCC. The Q-Figs line will be expanding with a number of new pieces featuring your favorite Marvel and DC characters, particularly from the cinematic side of things. There were also a number of nice new replica ships on hand that would turn any living room or den into the perfect starport.

For the most part, the upcoming Original Series Star Trek figures look very nice. The Sulu could use a bit of work in that head sculpt, but Bones and Scotty fare much better in the likeness department. The DeForest Kelley portrait is so good, but that's because his face naturally gives sculptors so much to work with. He has a lot of features to capture and render, unlike someone like Shatner's Kirk, whose symmetrical face makes it a bit more troublesome to capture an accurate likeness. That factor is probably why the Star Trek Beyond Kirk is a little off in its likeness as well. This Chris Pine looks like he is stuck in a room of perpetual fart smells.

But how about that Worf? It's incredible. If the final version comes with a Bat'leth, I might just have to take a trip back to my formative years and buy the damn thing. Picard and Data look nice, but I've never seen a Worf in any scale that's looked this good before.

The Q-Figs series always feels like it's right on the verge of exploding, and I'm honestly surprised the miniature statues haven't caught on in the same way Funko's collectibles have. Sure the QMx pieces are a bit more expensive, but they're much more stylish and have a bit more personality than Funko's various collections. Little Harley Quinn and Captain America are just so cute; her with that mischievous smile and him saluting what I assume are adults doing the hard work of soldiering. It's hard to hate on these little guys and girls, and I hope the line continues to grow and give us more kid versions of these universes.

Though not necessarily particularly comic book in nature, I'd be remiss in not bringing up the Justified sixth-scale figure of Raylan Givens. The Timothy Olyphant-starring show was a favorite of mine, and collectibles for such a niche television series (adapted from the Elmore Leonard novels) seemed impossible to make happen. Thankfully, QMx is proving me wrong, and I hope this figure makes it through to production and doesn't fall into development hell. Getting a Rachel or Tim is probably asking a bit too much of QMx, but at least Raylan is getting a chance.