If there's one animated series that prepared kids from the '90s for AMC and HBO's limited series formats, it was the crazy-short seasonified Canadian computer-animated "ReBoot."

Yeah, for a show that originally ran from 1994-1997, its relatively ambitious CGI made its pace forgivable, but more patient fans who caught the show on Cartoon Network at a faster pace might be excited that the series is set to return in 2010 in movie form.

As ToplessRobot points out, there's a new trailer indicating the animated series is poised for resurrection at the hands of Rainmaker Studios.

This info would be pretty standard fare for other geek sites, but as always, CA has the comics angle at the ready for you.Did you know current DC Comics Editor-In-Chief Dan DiDio served as story editor and writer on "ReBoot" during the show's last season? Imdb did, and now you do too!

What's more, the series has had a user-friendly Webcomic up and running for a few years now (that you can check out at the official "ReBoot" site).

If the movie does well, could that mean a return to comics? Hrm...