It took a special kind of artist to bring Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen to life, but Robbi Rodriguez is a special man. He's got a brisk, Tim Sale-meets-Jim Mahfood lightness to his work that manages to give his subjects energy while simultaneously keeping design elements fresh and dramatic as needed.Rodriguez's blog is filled with brilliant commission work and pages from his comics that stand as testaments to his skills. His Tony Stark bristles with movement and shows how well he can play around with proportions Skottie Young-style, while still keeping a character concept coherent.

Other highlights in there include Marvel characters such as the Hulk and White Queen, as well as some Batman and Doctor Who action. Also, you may need to look at it for a few seconds to truly appreciate everything going on, but his Thor is pretty wild as well.

Check out a few of our favorites from his archives below: