Perhaps due, in part, to ComicsAlliance's own support last week, the nonprofit group Imagination Station has raised, quiet rapidly, more than $50,000 to build and install a Robocop statue in the Motor City (despite the Twitter comments of Detroit Mayor Bing). The project's success has sparked its share of controversy, however, given the current economic woes that face Detroit and other parts of Michigan. Rather than simply ragging on what some consider a joke gone too far, comic creator Ron Marz has channeled his criticisms into action, calling donators to help feed the city's hungry.

The proposed statue is planned to be erected in Roosevelt Park, facing Michigan Central Station, according to the IS Kickstarter page. For those unfamiliar with Michigan's history, the building Robocop would be facing was constructed almost 100 years ago near the height of Detroit's economic boom by the same designers as Grand Central Station in New York City. However, as Detroit has slipped further and further into decay, the building has remained vacant, dangerous, and rumored to be torn down after failing to be resurrected as a new police station.

Marz tweeted his thoughts on the matter, suggesting the $50,000 raised for the project could have been put toward something more socially responsible, like a soup kitchen. But of course, this is the Internet, and response to Marz wavered from supportive to blindingly negative.

To justify his public comments, Marz started his own online campaign using the hashtag #robocharity, and asking people to donate to Forgotten Harvest, a food-based organization that's been helping Detroit's hungry for more than 20 years.

I think we can all agree that a Robocop statue is awesome. But you know what's even more awesome? Actually helping people too. To learn more, check out Forgotten Harvest.

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