Last week marked the 20th anniversary of Disney's The Rocketeer, the beloved cult classic film based on the similarly beloved cult classic comic book series created by the late Dave Stevens. In honor of the occasion, Paris-based Digital Banana Studio created an original animated short film starring the Rocketeer that honors the work of Stevens and filmmaker Joe Johnston, who directed the live-action film.

The subject of a series of high profile releases from IDW Publishing including a complete remastering and reissuing of Stevens' material and all-new stories by many of comics biggest and best creators, The Rocketeer is an indelible figure in the minds of pulp adventure fans, retro aesthetics and admirers of classic draftsmanship and pin-up illustration.

Directed by Joe Johnston, who's also brining Marvel's Captain America to life in next month's The First Avenger, The Rocketeer was a faithful and frequently awesome adaptation of the comic and starred Billy Campbell as the Americana hero and Jennifer Connelly as his Bettie Paige-inspired girlfriend.

The Rocketeer was recently screened at Disney's luxurious El Capitan cinema in Hollywood, in honor of its anniversary, and animators John and Elton Banana have honored the film as well. You can see more of their work at Digital Banana Studio.