It's rare that we see an artist making prints or sketches that could all easily be premises for unmade stories, but Rogan Josh is no ordinary artist. His Tumblr account was already loaded with sharp compositions and inspired Batman and Iron Man concepts when we checked him out last year. He has been hard at work since then, though, and if you haven't been watching his modHero feed, you may have missed some provocative X-Men pieces.There's an easy-to-navigate gallery of Josh's stuff up at It contains such wonders as a Deadpool tea party and Jubilee hanging out with a wad of bubblegum. Cartoon enthusiasts with ties to the '80s will also note his shout-outs to the SilverHawks and ThunderCats.

Prints are always so much more enticing when there's something going on in them-whether it's Hellboy spilling his coffee or the Wonder Twins dangling precariously off of a bridge. Josh has all of that and more covered, and you an see the evidence below.

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