There's nothing quite like Roger Langridge's art in comics today. From his work on The Muppet Show at Boom! Studios and Marvel Comics to his new series Snarked!, he's proven himself over and over again as a cartoonist who knows how to keep characters looking clean and classic while consistently pulling off animated sequences and humor.
If you've read his Muppets books, you know that he does mash-ups quite well, but he's also got stockpiles of unpublished stuff posted on his website at Gonzo Vader and Kermit Batman are among the fine specimens to be seen there.

It's funny. Langridge modulates within this unique spectrum of modes that make his art look super-refined and tight, while also looking like he could slip into a full-on Peter Bagge/MAD magazine-style mode at any moment. There's an inherent energy in his comics that comes out of that and has made him the industry asset that he is.