The last two gaming generations have been home to a number of high-definition remasters of aging games, but few games have made the direct leap from the PlayStation 2 to modern era. Rebellion and 2000AD are planning to do just that however with Rogue Trooper Redux, which remasters the third-person shooter with updated graphics for all current consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

The original Rogue Trooper game was a slight bit ahead of the curve, bringing third-person cover-shooting mechanics to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox at a time before the genre had exploded into the force it did during the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. The new teaser trailer released by Rebellion doesn't offer much of a look about what the update will look like, but you can get an idea of what to expect from this original game footage.

The game itself will follow Rogue as he attempts to eliminate the Nort regime on Nu Earth. He's the only one capable of standing up to the poisonous atmosphere, and he just so happens to be genetically modified to be a one-man war machine too. Rogue will make use of a number of different weapons and strategies, and you can see if the classic game footage just how many different weapons and areas you'll explore on Nort. It's a shame we really can't see what the improved presentation will look like just yet, but the game is due out this year, so we shouldn't have to wait long.

Rogue Trooper Redux will be out in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. To celebrate the announcement, 2000AD is having a sale on Rogue Trooper comics, which you can check out here.


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