Depicting Mohammed has become a serious matter for cartoonists, but not serious enough that Ruben Bolling's "Tom the Dancing Bug" comic strip can't roughly summarize the situation. Last week's episode of "South Park," put show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone on extremists' radar for placing Mohammed in a bear costume, which is no small matter considering how cartoonists Lars Vilks and Kurt Westergaard have been forced to build (and in Westergaard's case, use) panic rooms due to the threat of attack by offended extremists.

As seen on Boing Boing, Bolling understands the danger of committing what some consider a religious taboo. His latest in a series of "God-Man" tales takes aspiring Mohammed artists through a parodied cartooning tutorial that does not end well for the artist involved. It's especially timely subject matter for the pending participants in the upcoming Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

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