Ryan Heshka's "Strange Powers" exhibit contains works with slime-drool, death-stares and possibly as many threatening tentacles as the anime section shelf at your local adult video store, but if you can handle the danger, you can handle the artwork. His retro-pulp action scenes will be part of a special show at Chicago's Rotofugi Gallery starting this Friday, May 21. The exhibition, curated by BLAB! magazine, boasts styles that would have been right at home in a Joe Shuster comic or early Disney cartoon with added kisses of horror and psychedelia.

The Vancouver-based painter may not inject his classically styled homages with the same degree of stretched-clothing sexiness that J. Scott Campbell put into his naughty Disney princesses, but he does use some spandex and in the case of "The Green Drool!" some possibly NSFW toplessness to convey the bizarre nature of his subjects' circumstances. If you want to see puny humans getting melted, hypnotized and seduced by plants that would be right at home in a feature-length Pink Floyd movie (And let's face it. Who among us does not?), this is the Chicago exhibition you cannot miss this month.

[Source: Boing Boing]

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