And now, your "awwwwww!" moment of Comic-Con: During the Green Lantern movie panel at Comic-Con last Saturday, a young man named Connor stood up to ask what it felt like for "GL" star Ryan Reynolds to say the famous Green Lantern Oath, and Reynolds responded by reciting it to a cheering crowd while the youngster raised his own Lantern ring.

Say what you want about movies taking over Comic-Con, but that's the kind of moment that makes it all worth it. Check out the video (shot from just behind Connor) after the jump!

As awesome as that is, I do have to take issue with one thing: The kid asks what it feels like to say the Oath, and Reynolds totally dodges the question -- that's right, Double-R: ComicsAlliance is calling you out. I mean, sure, we can all assume that it feels "pretty good," but what if it feels like "wearing a necklace made of pop rocks" or "a thousand tiny seahorses swimming through your veins" or even "tingly?" It might feel like all of those things, and Connor may never know!

But somehow, I get the feeling that he probably doesn't mind.

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