The original panel for "Futurama" was billed as an event where we would "join executive producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, and stars Billy West, Katey Sagal, John DiMaggio, and Maurice LaMarche for high-stakes thrills as a top-ranking FOX executive decides live, on stage, whether 'Futurama' will make yet another triumphant return or whether it is gone forever!"

It was an obvious setup for a Fox exec to reunite the cast and creator and cue wild applause from fans for the revival of the cult favorite cartoon. Unfortunately, as a result of the recent contract disputes and salary cuts for the voice cast -- and the subsequent threats from Fox that they would recast the characters -- none of the voice actors were in attendance, although series creator Matt Groening voiced his support for them, saying that "we love our 'Futurama' actors. We hope that FOX and the actors can come to an agreement as soon as possible."

"The core of my being is at peace," he added in a faux-Zen voice. "There are no mistakes. I embrace the universe and send loving thoughts to all living beings, including the 'Futurama' cast and Fox executives.

It's a disappointing turn of events for fans of the show so soon after the relaunch was teased, but as a small consolation prize, I offer you this photo of two Comic-Con attendees rocking some pretty excellent Bender and Fry costumes, and a video of what looks like this same Bender cosplayer and his Comic-Con adventures after the jump.

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