Preeminent noir comics artist Sean Phillips seems to have taken a break between issues of his and Ed Brubaker's excellent supernatural crime saga Fatale to illustrate this particularly beautiful poster for We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, the film by Simon and Zeke Hawkins appears to draw upon the same pulp/crime inspirations as Phillips' best work (like Criminal), telling the story of three teenagers who become embroiled in the dangerous world of organized crime when one of them "steals from the wrong man."

As pointed out by Devin Faraci at Badass Digest, Phillips' piece is a throwback to the era of illustrated posters, when talented artists could convey a film's tone and style so much more emotionally than the Photoshop portraits we're exposed to so frequently today.

You can read more about We Gotta Get Out Of This Place at Indiewire. Phillips' most recent release is Fatale #16, on sale now in finer comics shops and digitally from Image Comics.