If you've enjoyed Sean Phillips' soft and gritty style in Incognito or Marvel Zombies, there's no reason at all that you shouldn't have already stumbled across his ever-expanding feed of sketches and watercolored side work. Even his simplest layouts and bare-bones planning stages are feasts for the eyes, especially if you're fascinated by behind-the-scenes looks at process. If you aren't, well, he's still got some Spider-Man and decapitated zombie Cyclops pieces worth looking over.

Phillips blogs on his personal webspace at SureBeatsWorking.blogspot.com, where he routinely demonstrates why he's one of the industry's most in-demand talents . The guy's Edward Scissorhands and John Constantine both stand out as prime examples of how well he can handle poses and facial expressions with ominous undertones, and anything he does with undead flesh involved automatically gains a plus-4 bonus for creepiness - but you probably already knew that.

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