Longtime MAD Magazine artist Sergio Aragones is well known for how much stuff he can get on a page -- he's been filling the magazine's margins for decades. So just imagine what he could do with a gigantic pullout poster!

Well, you don't have to imagine it. Aragones has condensed more than 60 years of MAD history in one big image for Entertainment Weekly.

See the poster in its full, giant glory here.

The poster includes such classic MAD gags as "potrzebie," the three-pronged poiuyt, the Mad blimp and Good-Housekeeping-approved Superduperman.

It's a big time for MAD. The 522nd issue is now in stores, the 100th episode of the MAD TV series on Cartoon Network is set to air on November 11, and the magazine's editorial staff may be headed to Burbank, Calif., along with the rest of the DC Comics offices.

If they do, they'll have this image to commemorate MAD's many years in New York.

[Via EW]

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