Comics and music go hand in hand, and there’s nothing quite like putting on that perfect playlist, sitting down with a good story, and getting lost for a while. We’ve tasked our best writers with crafting the ultimate mixtape to compliment their favorite comics, to hopefully introduce you to comics you might not have tried and artists you might not have heard.

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals is way more than the sex romp it advertises itself as; it's one of the most uplifting, sex-positive, and downright fun comics on the stands. This playlist has been tailored to the relationship between Suzie and Jon, and while there are some songs about getting busy, we've tried to make it a bit more well-rounded than that, just as the comic isn't always about boning down!

  • Good Weekend

    Art Brut (Bang Bang Rock and Roll)

    This song is all about the initial obsession with a new partner, and wanting to spend all of your time with them. Perfect for the first meeting of Jon and Suzie, who click on emotional and intellectual levels before they jump into the sack and find out just how compatible they are.

  • I Want Your Sex

    George Michael (Faith)

    While Sex Criminals is a master at innuendo, it often isn't subtle, and the same is true for many of the picks on my list. After discovering their shared orgasmic powers, Jon and Suzie have sex a lot. This song is in tribute to that, obviously.

  • I Really Like You

    Carly Rae Jepsen (E•MO•TION)

    I didn't want the entire playlist to be about the physical relationship between Jon and Suzie, because the comic isn't. This cut from Carly Rae Jepsen's masterpiece perfectly sums up how quickly the pair move through the traditional phases of a relationship, while being happy and sunny and fun.

  • Write About Love

    Belle & Sebastian (Write About Love)

    Jon hates his job working at a bank. Suzie loves her job working at a library, but hates that the bank is trying to shut it down. They both like each other a lot. This sweet track, which features actress Carey Mulligan lamenting her miserable job and finding solace in the little things in life, is something both Jon and Suzie can relate to.

  • Gimme The Loot

    The Notorious B.I.G. (Ready To Die)

    I mean, the book is called Sex Criminals and they do rob a bank as part of the story. I like the idea of soundtracking this scene with Gimme The Loot because it brings to mind some of the best scenes in Office Space, where everyday people rebel against the strictures of society set to cathartic tones of gangsta rap.

  • Bad Romance

    Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster)

    I specifically chose "Bad Romance" not for Jon or Suzie, but for Suzie's best friend Rachelle, who starts to have very reasonable doubts about whether Jon is a good influence on Suzie. Things aren't always smooth sailing for the Sex Criminals, and it takes one of the best pop songs of the 21st century to express that.

  • Under The Sheets

    Ellie Goulding (Lights)

    After their heist goes very wrong, both Jon and Suzie start to have real doubts about their futures, and this Ellie Goulding song manages to straddle the line between heartbreaking and romantic in a similar way to Sex Criminals at this point in publication.

  • Pillowtalk

    Zayn (Mind of Mine)

    Ultimately, Jon and Suzie get back together and the lead track from Zayn Malik's solo effort is one of the best reconciliation love songs in recent memory. It's tender, raw and powerful and with a name like "Pillowtalk" it's perfect for Sex Criminals"

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