Michael Egan, the former model who filed sexual abuse charges against X-Men: Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer in civil court, has withdrawn his suit following the recent departure of his former attorney, Jeff Herman. Egan insists that his decision is no reflection on the merits of his case against Singer, and instead reflects his inability to continue without representation.

As previously reported, Egan originally claimed he had been raped and assaulted by Singer and others on multiple occasions, and sought damages for emotional distress, battery, assault, and invasion of privacy. A lawyer for Singer claimed the case was without merit.

Egan's lawyer withdrew from the case in late July, claiming that his relationship with his client had deteriorated beyond the point of repair. According to a representative, Egan had declined a $100,000 settlement that came with a confidentiality order.

Egan filed a request to withdraw his case last week. Singer's lawyers asked that the case be dismissed with prejudice, meaning Egan not be permitted refile in the future. According to the AP, Judge Susan Oki Molloway chose instead to leave that door open. Singer's lawyers have none the less chosen to present Judge Molloway's ruling as an ending, saying, "We're pleased that it's over."

Egan has not revealed how he plans to proceed. The AP reports that this is the third time Egan has dropped a suit of this nature against figures in the entertainment industry, but does not reveal if those were related or unrelated incidents.

Singer is currently collaborating on a script for the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, which he is expected to direct.