You remember "Alone"? The week-long series of Garfield strips where the title cat --- mostly known for hating Mondays and eating lasagna, two very improbable things for a cat to do --- found himself in a nightmare landscape that implied that Jon and Odie were long dead and Garfield had been hallucinating the three-panel hijinx of the strip's entire run as the throes of a starvation-filled delusion? I read that thing when I was a kid, and I always thought it was the most disturbing thing it was possible to do with Garfield.

And then yesterday, a ComicsAlliance reader sent us a link to Garfemon, a project by cartoonist Shawn Bowers where he's mashing up Garfield's signature orange-and-black design with the original 151 Pokémon. It is easily one of the most upsetting things I have ever seen on this job, so obviously I had to share it with you, dear reader. Check out a few of them below... if you dare.


"143 - GARFLAX - Very lazy. Just eats and sleeps. As its rotund bulk builds, it becomes steadily more slothful. "


To be fair, there are a few of them in there that actually make the transition pretty much unscathed. Snorlax, for instance, is a gimme, and anything that's vaguely cat-shaped manages to get through okay --- although Meowth is certainly in an uncanny valley of one cartoon cat who just should not look like another.

But in among the horrors --- like the Parasect whose mushrooms are trays of lasagna, the sight of which I will take to my grave --- there are some pretty solid entries. Here they are in increasing order of horror:


074 - GEOGARF - The longer a Geogarf lives, the rounder and fatter it gets. Its MUSCULAR arms stay in shape by hugging POOKY.
092 - GASTFIELD - Said to appear in decrepit, deserted JON HOUSES, it has no real shape as it appears to be made of AMORPHOUS FAT.
#110 - WEEZFIELD - A bulbous ball of fat that farts noxious gas, this Garfemon WILL eat garbage from your home.
#042 - GOLGARF - This Garfemon loves to drink the blood of LIVING THINGS or the sauce from DEAD LASAGNA.


But just like with the original Pokémon, by far the most upsetting is... Cugarf.


#104 - CUGARF - This Garfemon pines for the JON it will never see again. It wears the skin mask of an ODIE to hide its tears.


For more, and to see the eventual full collection, check out Garfémon by Shawn Bowers on Tumblr!