The Big Red Cheese's "New 52" flavor is set to be revealed in the near future in "The Curse of Shazam!," an upcoming series of Justice League backup stories from creators Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. DC's The Source blog doesn't report any specific info regarding which issue the backup will start in, how many issues it will run, whether it's in a standalone or shared-universe continuity, or preview art by Frank just yet, but it's still encouraging news for fans who may have feared the worst for the hero.Frank and Johns have been regular collaborators over the years, working on multiple Superman stories, some Avengers tales and the upcoming Batman: Earth One original graphic novel. The last strictly Shazam! title Frank worked on was Just Imagine Stan Lee With Gary Frank Creating Shazam! in 2002, which was definitely an alternative universe one-shot. Frank's got some classic Shazam! work under his belt, however, having designed DC Direct's Heroes of the DC Universe series Shazam! bust sculpted by Jean St. Jean.