The nominees were announced this week for the Harvey Awards, a comics industry prize that has seen its share of controversy both for its nomination process and the somewhat haphazard results it often produces. Now, Tom Spurgeon of "The Comics Reporter" has made a case for shutting the Harveys down:

"I think it's time we all gently make a push for the Harveys to shut it down. It's not just that I or others out there might object to some of their nominees, that this group of folks may not like the Witchblade manga, or that another group of folks doesn't think much of the comics being produced through Zuda, or that in this great Golden Age of Comics any awards program that nominates a Nascar comic probably needs to have a jacket thrown over its face and rushed out of the room...

The first, fundamental reason the Harveys should consider shutting it down is that they've experienced a run of no-confidence votes from the professional comics population for almost a decade now. Maybe more."

There are some other very good reasons that he enumerates in detail, but that's the most important one, especially because it's true. Anyone still think the Harveys are worth saving?

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