Every comic fan remembers their first taste. The smell of the paper, the glossy cover, the colors, the characters -- something clicked in your brain and you realized this medium was for you. No going back.

For me, it was Uncanny X-Men #171. I was visiting family, and being an easily bored youngster, my uncle went to get something for me to read. He brought out a stack of old comics -- mostly Uncanny X-Men from the late '70s and early '80s. Back in the days of Jim Shooter, Chris Claremont, Walt Simonson and many other talented artists, the stories rang true. At least to me, possibly because they were pretty emo.

In #171, Storm has recently beaten Callisto, leader of the Morlocks, Jean Grey is presumed dead, and Professor X decides to let a troubled girl named Rogue into the academy. And that was it; I was hooked. Unfortunately, I no longer have that special issue. But maybe you have yours?

We want to know what your first comic experience was, and if you still have that special issue, we want to see you in a picture together! If we like it enough, we'll even pay you for it! Say wha? That's right, we'll pay you. Not a lot -- $10 -- but in this economy . . .

Just take a picture of yourself and your first comic and send it to us on Facebook by uploading it to the "Fan Photos" section, or on Twitter by using something like Twitpic or YFrog -- make sure you include @comicsalliance so we can see it. We'll choose the best photos over the weekend, and then post the winners on Monday morning. So, be creative! The best photos, not the best comics will win. Questions? Send us an email.

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