Finn's willpower and bravery on "Adventure Time" have been well documented in the past, but deviantART user ShwigityShwonShwei found a lot more in the series' characters with a few power rings from the various Lantern factions. And besides, what does Ryan Reynolds have that Finn lacks?

Shwigity also has a load of killer digital Marvel-inspired artwork in his portfolio, which features some group shots, villains and symbiote confrontations that would have make nice designs for a Super Nintendo, Sega CD or CD-ROM-era PC game. Actually, a Scott Pilgrim vs. The World-style Xbox Live Arcade release would probably still do pretty well if it sported artwork this good.

You'll have to see his gallery to get a full handle on Shwigity's imagination and range, but here are the epic battle scenes, Power Rangers-esque battle armor concoctions and new Lantern Corps recruits that got our eyeballs perking up in his portfolio.