While most of us continue to have mad love and respect for the golden age of "The Simpsons" -- whatever you consider that to be -- most of us would probably agree that this golden age is not currently taking place, and may not be watching the new episodes every Sunday as we once did before.

And so you may not have noticed that yesterday, the classic animated series temporarily replaced its long-running theme song with the underage drinking anthem "Tik Tok" by trash 'n glitter pop star Ke$ha. Possibly this is all part of Fox's plan to be "So Brash. So Bold. So Fresh," and I can see how some fans might completely hate this -- I really do -- but c'mon: I think we already passed the point where "The Simpsons" could be accused of selling out about a decade ago, and now it's practically subtext. More importantly: Is that Mike Tyson/Drederick Tatum lifting up the couch at the end? And did we know Dr. Hibbert could breakdance like that?

Check it out after the jump.

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