Despite my general distaste for the reality show genre, I was recently inducted me into the cult of "So You Think You Can Dance," a dance competition to become "America's favorite dancer" -- except that unlike "American Idol" et al., everyone is professionally trained, rather than amateurs shoved beneath the hotlamp of several million viewers to bloom or wither.

On Wednesday night, the top three female dancers were given a superhero-themed dance, and told that they would be representing Storm, Wonder Woman, and Buttercup (from the "Powerpuff Girls") respectively. It certainly wasn't one of the better dances I've seen on the show -- and the superheroines they were assigned seemed to be purely conceptual, and looked nothing like them -- but it's always somewhat entertaining to see how the mainstream integrates superhero mythology into other media.

Scream queen host Mary Murphy even shouted out the recent San Diego Comic-Con in her critique, insisting that next year we would totally need them to stop by with their routine. And while they are lovely and talented dancers, I can promise you that more Hollywood-based content with extremely tenuous ties to actual comic books are just about the last thing the convention needs.

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