I get like 4,000 viral videos sent to me everyday. Sometimes I get something awesome like last week's Rambo trailer (Attacking Soon!) but most of the time I just get crap like the opening to the Snorks cartoon or some shaky camera phone video of a band I like (note: people filming crap with their phones at shows needs to stop...seriously...just watch the band and put your arms down...your friend who couldn't make the show isn't going to be stoked about a minute and twenty-second clip of distorted images and assy sound and I'm sick of watching you not watch the show...seriously...)

Huh? Oh yeah... So the other day one of my most reliable sources of quality Internet stuffs sent me this clip from some Indian movie featuring an interesting take on Superman and Spider-Man.

At first I was all like "Guh...I've seen enough Turkish Captain America and Indonesian Batman to know this is going to suck." But you know what? This clip made me laugh. Those of you who liked the singing and dancing in Spider-Man 3 are gonna eat this up. Hell, I liked this clip more than Spider-Man 3 and Superman Returns put together.

I tried to figure out what movie this came from, but all I could find out was that this clip is from the year 2025. That's right, it's from the future. My mind is blown. This is better than when they went into the future on that episode of Heroes. I don't actually watch Heroes by the way...but I did read X-Men: Days of Future Past so I'm pretty sure I'm up to speed.

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