As someone starting a long and potentially arduous journey into understanding Sonic the Hedgehog this past week, I have to admit that the history here is more than a little intimidating. I mean, with almost 300 issues in the main series and another ninety in Sonic Unlimited, I'm pretty sure they've focused on a lot more than just running from left to right and occasionally bouncing off a springboard.

Fortunately for me, those books seem pretty good at celebrating big milestones with a jumping-on point, and in next month's Sonic the Hedgehog #288, Archie Comics is giving us another one in the form of "Genesis of a Hero," a story that flashes back to Sonic's first battle with his rotund, mustachioed foe, just in time for his 25th anniversary.



Y'know, the weird thing is, I'm pretty sure I understand what's going on here more without words than I will once they're back in there. I guess buzzsaw blades and pit traps truly are a universal language.

Here's the official solicitation:



SONIC is BACK in “Genesis of a Hero” Part One: It’s Sonic’s 25th Anniversary and we’re celebrating in style—retro-style that is!  See Sonic in his first climactic show-down with Dr. Eggman, straight from the gameplay of the first Sonic the Hedgehog game!  But what happens after the battle?  And what new force arises once the dust has settled?  It’s the story you know with a new twist! Featuring cover art by the legendary Patrick Spaziante and a “Best Buds” variant by the lovely Genevieve FT!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata & John Workman
Cover: Patrick Spaziante
Variant Cover: Genevieve FT
On Sale Date: 11/9
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.