Well, I just got an email from Archie Comics with the words "Sonic's Cease and Desist" in it, so I can only assume that somehow, someone found the novella I've been writing about Chris the Hedgehog, Sonic's cool new friend who's way faster and is also best friends with Twenty One Pilots The Hedgehogs. And yes, I know that I shouldn't have printed and sold those for profit, but in my defense, I thought the best way to understand Sonic was to enter his world myself. So I guess we'll just pop open this email here and ---

Oh. Oh, okay. It seems that "Sonic's Cease and Desist" is actually just the title of the next issue of Sonic The Hedgehog, out this week from Archie, which is a fun play on the fact that they're doing an adaptation of, and tribute, to the classic video game Sonic CD. So hey, why not check out a preview of that below and forget those things you just read that were definitely just comedy jokes!




The Super Sonic Warrior returns in “Genesis of a Hero” Part Three: The 25th anniversary celebration continues with another blast to the past!  Which is also to the future, and the past, and back again!  When Sonic goes to see the annual return of Little Planet, he’s surprised to find it chained to a mountain!  Join us for the exciting adventures of Sonic CD! Featuring cover art by the legendary Patrick Spaziante plus a “Cosmic Eternity” variant by Mr. Sonic comics himself, Tracy Yardley!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Terry Austin, Gabriel Cassata & John Workman
Cover: Patrick Spaziante
Variant Cover: Tracy Yardley
On Sale Date: 12/28
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.