Before Sonic the Hedgehog had two North American animated series broadcast simultaneously, the Blue Blur kicked it continuity-free style from the comfort of his then-burgeoning Archie Comic title.

And what a title!

In one of the series earliest issues - "Sonic The Hedgehog" #6, to be exact - Sonic not only lives through the video game events of 1993's "Sonic Spinball," in the issues second tale he puts the evil Dr. Robotnik through his own version of "A Christmas Carol" called, well, "Sonic's Christmas Carol."

The short version of the story goes like this: The world conquering, anthropomorphic animal roboticizing tyrant Robotnik is lonely on Christmas and three versions of Sonic make him relive his traumatic, bullied childhood the way Charles Dickens intended.

...And then Sonic hops into a giant replica of one of his shoes (which is attached to reindeer) and flies away Santa-style as his friends sing a carol in his honor. It's a good thing too, because if they hadn't sang about a "Blue Christmas," I might not have noticed his discolored (blue) left arm.

Way past cool Freedom Fighters!