If you've been paying attention, you may already be aware that the ComicsAlliance staff has a lot of love for the beautifully shameless toy cartoons of the '80s. Today, we have added a new animated epic to our list of favorites: Space Stallions, the awesome story of four warriors in the distant future who battle evil in service of Mother Mustang.

The only problem? Space Stallions does not actually exist. Instead, it was a bachelor film project produced by students of the Animation Workshop. That said, it still might be the most awesome thing ever.

Virtually every single thing about this video is amazing in some way or another, but what blew me away is how much it fits the classic '80s cartoon formula. It's got the standard-issue team roster, complete with themed weaponry and the requisite girl. It's got the insanely toyetic gimmicks based on two completely unrelated concepts that kids like ("horses and space" has got to be up there with "robots and trucks"). It's got the synth-heavy theme song, which you can download here, as evidenced by the fact that a man plays a keytar while riding a robot unicorn through space. It's even got the annoying Snarf-like team mascot in the form of a floating computer that's apparently licensed to perform space marriages.

In fact, the only things it doesn't have are an actual cartoon and a line of action figures with horseshoe-throwing action, and that's a flaw that I'd like to see remedied toute suite. So please, Cartoon Network, the Hub, Nickelodeon, somebody please throw an entire truck full of money at these animators so that I can finally find out if X-Ray escaped the evil clutches of Destructo.

Power of the Horse! Full Force!

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