When it comes to pumpkins, I suspect Peter Parker's innumerable battles with pumpkin bomb-tossing goblins have left him a little cold to Halloween's signature gourd. It's just what happens after years of life-or-death conflicts that've trained you to recognize the things as weapons. Should you long to help the tortured hero "take back" a certain pumpkin comfort level this year, Paper Magic Group's Spider Sense Spider-Man pumpkin decoration kit may be just the thing.Taking a pretty massive cue from Hasbro's Mr. Potato Head line (namely the famous "Spider Spud"), PMG's kit turns any reasonably-sized pumpkin into what's essentially an organic Spider-Man action figure. For the sake of scale, it's probably wisest to use a small-to-medium sized pumpkin, but pushing arm, face and feet pegs into a huge one to make a fat Spider-Pumpkin seems prudent depending on your disposition.

Given the prevalence of "Iron Man 2" Halloween merchandise this year, it's a little disappointing not to see a Shellhead accessory kit in stores, but I suppose it makes more sense to focus on a hero who goes great with fake spider-webs.

Should you skip the carving route and go with the Spidey pumpkin pegs this season, I'd suggest keeping it indoors at night or risk a smashed Spidey that would surely crack the already frail psyche of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Should the worst happen, however, you can always save the pegs for next summer when it comes time to decorate watermelons or something.