I read the Hollywood Reporter every day while I write my screenplay at Starbucks and yesterday I came across an article that blew my mind. Like, my brain literally exploded. Boom. It took a few more sips of my venti cinnamon dolce latte with sugar free syrup to come to terms with the brilliance of what I was reading: that Spider-Man is going to become a Broadway musical.

Like millions of other people all over the world I have read Spider-Man since I was but a child. His lessons of power and responsibility were always delivered with one of his trademark quips and some mild fisticuffs. When the movies came out I marveled at the seemingly endless amounts dialogue that were created for Spider-Man and his rogues' gallery (not to mention the box-office records it set). It was as if Spider-Man was starring in the movie I had always dreamed about. He is a true icon of all media.

So the news that Spider-Man would soon be swinging his way onto a Broadway stage is truly, dare I say, "amazing?" Just when you think there is nothing else that can be done with the character you find out that he'll be singing the story of his life. Wow. How has it taken this long for such an obvious idea to take shape? Can I buy tickets yet?

Making the story even more delicious is the fact that the Tony winning minds behind The Lion King and Fosse will be working on Spider-Man. But nothing – nothing – could have prepared me for the news that the music and lyrics for the Spider-Man musical would be penned by none other than Bono and the Edge from U2. That's right ... Bono and the Edge are going to write heartfelt songs about what it means to be just a dorky kid who one day gets bit by a radioactive spider and granted superpowers and who then tries to earn money as a professional wrestler but inadvertently gets his uncle killed but still wears a spandex costume to fight crime. And I thought that U2 had already written the definitive Spider-Man anthem when they gave us "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of." I shiver in anticipation thinking of what they will come up with now.

So will this be the greatest musical ever? How can it not be? I don't know how I'll sit through all of Spider-Man 3 when I know that an even greater story awaits me down the line ... an even greater story with music! I can't wait to get home and write about this on my blog.

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