The Late Show With David Letterman hosted Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark's villains for a robust performance of the Green Goblin's "Freaks Like Me Need Company" a few weeks back and man, was it suitably freaky. At this point most fans have made peace with the musical's bizarre costumes -- you've got to make things larger-than-life on stage, right? -- but there's something surreal about the Green Goblin's particularly sinister approach to introducing his pals in the Sinister Six. Swarm, Carnage, the Lizard, Swiss Miss and Electro are brought on stage under mostly family-friendly conditions, but Kraven? No such luck: "This next guy love(s) the animals -- sometimes a little too much." Uh... does this mean Turn Off the Dark's Kraven's "Love is Real?"As appropriately startled by the spectacle as some Spider-Man fans might be, it's worth giving credit to Green Goblin actor Patrick Page. The guy was cast to play a crazy evil grasshopper and he does it without irony. He really is a showman and pulls off everything there is to pull off in this fever dream. Depending on how freaky you like your freak show, though, your mileage will definitely vary.

See "A Freak Like Me Needs Company" from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark from Late Show With David Letterman below:

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