Marvel Comics has been teasing its big Spider-Man event for 2016, "Dead No More" for a few months now, but over the last week information has slowly trickled out in the form of teasers by Alexander Lozano, seemingly showing Spider-Man's closest loved ones and deadliest enemies returned from the grave. The last of the teasers has been released today and with it comes the reveal of the return of Peter Parker's greatest enemy.

That's right, Doctor Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus AKA The Superior Spider-Man will return as part of "Dead No More". After he sacrificed his consciousness to allow Peter to take over at the end of Superior Spider-Man, his personality has been seen lurking inside The Living Brain, Otto!Spidey's former robot helper who currently works for Parker Industries.

That's right Osborn, I said Doctor Octopus is Spider-Man's greatest enemy. Fight me.

Elsewhere on the teasers, we can see The Rhino and The Lizard, who have cropped up in subplots in the current Amazing Spider-Man series, as the loves of their lives have been returned to them by a mysterious man in a red suit. That man is likely the dapper looking fellow in the Anubis mask, sharing a glass of bubbly with... Gwen Stacy?!

Judging by the fact Gwen is wearing the exact clothes she wore when she was thrown from the George Washington Bridge, and not a ripped up Mary-Janes t-shirt, this is indeed Earth-616 Gwen and not Spider-Gwen of Earth-65.

That's right Tom Brevoort, I said Earth-616. Fight me.

Other resurrectees include Madame Web, who was killed in the "Grim Hunt" storyline, and Kaine AKA Scarlet Spider, who died in "Spider-Verse". It seems that The Prowler is also on the teasers, but Hobie Brown is currently still alive, which leads me to think it may be Aaron Davis, uncle to Miles Morales and the Prowler of Earth-1610.


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We're sure to learn more on Free Comic Book Day in a special flipbook, with the Amazing Spider-Man half written by Dan Slott and drawn by Javier Garron. Until then, we've assembled the six teasers into one massive composite image above, so you can examine it yourself and pick out any clues we may have missed.



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