The addition of the Spider-Signal at the end of Captain America: Civil War was an unexpected treat for fans of the web-slinger, and the first time Marvel has had it in a live-action movie. And it made total sense — if Tony Stark was going to take Peter Parker under his wing, he would never be able to resist making the kid a few little gifts. Today, the company behind the Spider-Signal animation released their concept art for the design, and it’s fascinating to see the preliminary sketches evolve into the finished product.

The Spider-Signal has been used in the past as a way for Spidey to broadcast his presence to the criminals he was hunting down, as well as for characters like J. Jonah Jameson to use to call Spider-Man when there was trouble, like the Bat-Signal. Over on Perception’s website, they break down the design process and the idea of combining the classic look of the signal with Tony Stark’s futuristic style. The way the final design came out, it’s less of a simple projection and more of a tactical device that Peter can actually use to help him out in a fight, or to call someone for assistance. Perception is keeping those details under wraps for now, in case of spoiling future films, but it’s cool to see the thought process behind all of it. actually thinks that a couple of the concepts could house another Easter egg. In the tweet above, you can see, in the first and third images, a little message from Tony inviting Peter to, “Swing by the Tower. Got some new upgrades you should see.” This could just mean he has a few enhancements for Peter’s suit, but it could also hint at bigger developments in the future MCU. Said “upgrades” could promise the coming of the Iron-Spider costume, which was rumored to appear in Civil War. Iron-Spider was actually considered, before the Russo brothers decided it would be too complicated to try to fit in with the rest of the plot. Maybe an animator at Perception heard that rumor, or maybe they were just messing around with the design, but, for now, anything is possible, as the MCU shows no signs of slowing down.

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