Small Press Expo (SPX) has announced the nominees for the 2015 Igntaz Awards. It’s a diverse line-up with three nominations each for Sophia Foster-Dimino, Ethan Rilly, and Caldecott Honor and Eisner Award-winner Jillian Tamaki, as well as two nominations each for Sophie Goldstein, Kris Mukai and Noah Van Sciver.

Tamaki’s Super Mutant Magic Academy netted her nominations in the Outstanding Artist category, along with Emily Carroll, who won an Eisner Award for Through the Woods this year; Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf), Roman Muradov, ((In a Sense) Lost and Found), and Noah Van Sciver (Saint Cole); and the Outstanding Anthology or Collection category, in which the Drawn and Quarterly 25th anniversary book, An Entity Observes All Things by Box Brown, How to Be Happy by Eleanor Davis, and Pope Hats #4 by Ethan Rilly also got nods.

Nominated in the Outstanding Short Story category were “The Doctors” by Dash Shaw “Me As a Baby” (Lose #6) by Michael DeForge, “Nature Lessons” (The Late Child and Other Animals) by Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger, “Weeping Flower, Grows in Darkness” by Kris Mukai, and Tamaki’s third nomination, for “Sex Coven” (Frontier #7).

Foster-Dimino, nominated in the Promising New Talent category for her work in her zines Sphincter and Sex Fantasy, also netted nominations for Sex Fantasy in the Outstanding Series and Outstanding Minicomic categories. Rilly’s three nominations came for his Pope Hats, in the Outstanding Series and Outstanding Comic categories in addition Outstanding Anthology or Collection.

Women swept the Outstanding Online Comic category, perhaps reflecting a shift in the comics landscape, with creators who are not entrenched in mainstream comics community finding alternative outlets and audiences for their work. The Bloody Footprint by Lilli Carre, Carriers by Lauren Weinstein, Mom Body by Rebecca Roher, O Human Star by Blue Delliquanti, and Witchy by Ariel Ries were nominated in this category.

The graphic novel series March by Congressman John Lewis and Nate Powell, and published by Top Shelf, is nominated in Outstanding Series, and is perhaps the most high-profile work nominated this year.

The nominees are selected by a committee of comics creators, this year consisting of Lamar Abrams, Cara Bean, Robyn Chapman, Sophie Goldstein and Corrine Mucha. The winners will be voted on by attendees of SPX on September 19.

The full list of nominees, via the SPX website, is as follows:


Outstanding Artist
Emily Carroll, Through The Woods
Ed Luce, Wuvable Oaf
Roman Muradov, (In a Sense) Lost and Found
Jillian Tamaki, SuperMutant Magic Academy
Noah Van Sciver, Saint Cole

Outstanding Anthology or Collection
Drawn and Quarterly, 25 Years of Contemporary Cartooning, Comics, and Graphic Novels, edited by Tom Devlin, Chris Oliveros, Peggy Burns, Tracy Hurren, and Julia Pohl-Miranda
An Entity Observes All Things, by Box Brown
How To Be Happy, by Eleanor Davis
Pope Hats #4, by Ethan Rilly
SuperMutant Magic Academy, by Jillian Tamaki

Outstanding Graphic Novel
Beauty, by Kerascoët and Hubert
The Oven, by Sophie Goldstein
Rav, by Mickey Zacchilli
Saint Cole, by Noah Van Sciver
Wendy, by Walter Scott

Outstanding Story
"Doctors," by Dash Shaw
"Me As a Baby," by Michael DeForge (from Lose #6)
"Nature Lessons," by Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger (from The Late Child and Other Animals)
"Sex Coven," by Jillian Tamaki (from Frontier #7)
"Weeping Flower, Grows in Darkness," by Kris Mukai

Promising New Talent
M. Dean, K.M. & R.P. & MCMLXXI (1971)
Sophia Foster-Dimino, Sphincter, Sex Fantasy
Dakota McFadzean, Don’t Get Eaten by Anything
Jane Mai, Soft
Gina Wynbrandt, Big Pussy

Outstanding Series
Dumb, by Georgia Webber
Frontier, edited by Ryan Sands
March, by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell
Pope Hats, by Ethan Rilly
Sex Fantasy, by Sophia Foster-Dimino

Outstanding Comic
Borb, by Jason Little
The Nature of Nature, by Disa Wallander
The Oven, by Sophie Goldstein
Pope Hats #4, by Ethan Rilly
Weeping Flower, Grows in Darkness, by Kris Mukai

Outstanding Minicomic
Devil’s Slice of Life, by Patrick Crotty
Epoxy #5, by John Pham
King Cat #75, by John Porcellino
Sex Fantasy #4, by Sophia Foster-Dimino
Whalen: A Reckoning, by Audry

Outstanding Online Comic
The Bloody Footprint, by Lilli Carre
Carriers, by Lauren Weinstein
Mom Body, by Rebecca Roher
O Human Star, by Blue Delliquanti
Witchy, by Ariel Ries

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