Back when Square Enix unveiled its first batch of DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai action figures at Toy Fair 2013, fans had a lot to say about Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batgirl's reimagined looks blending American and Japanese design aesthetics. At Comic-Con, SE's back with fully painted versions of Flash and Batgirl, along with unpainted prototypes of Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman. Will the new designs prove any less polarizing? See for yourself after the jump.

Like the first wave, these new figures sport designs inspired by things like samurai armor and ninja weaponry. What's new, however, is Superman, Supergirl and Aquaman's respective sculpted sound effect accessories. They've got weapons, too, of course. Aquaman comes with his trademark trident and Superman seems like he'll have some swappable hands. Supergirl's big ol' sword doesn't seem 100% necessary considering her power set and invulnerability, but just like Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z, it sure does make her look cool.

Square Enix doesn't quite have a release date ready for the new prototypes, but they're likely to follow the September rollout of Batman, GL and WW by several months or even into 2014. Pricing info also hasn't been announced, but fans can probably expect to pay around the current price point of $80.