Image of the CBLDF logoThis year's annual CBLDF holiday auction has now kicked off on eBay, and if you're looking for some holiday gift ideas for the comics fan on your list, there are some truly outstanding goodies included here. There are many rare items signed by luminaries including Jim Lee, Frank Cho, Robert Kirkman, Neil Gaman, Charles Vess, Harlan Ellison, and Laurel K. Hamilton, but what's really exciting to me are the original comic art pieces, each of which represents a truly one-of-a-kind piece of comics history.

Kent Williams Amalgam coverJust a few of the original artworks offered in the auction include such mouth-watering gems as: a cover-worthy Bone / Rat Creature pin-up by Jeff Smith; a Terry Moore page from issue 8 of Strangers in Paradise; a Dave Sim cover illustration; a Matt Wagner Trinity splash page; a Peter Kuper Spy vs. Spy strip; a Kevin Nowlan Batman pin-up; and an original Kent Williams sketch included in Amalgam, the stunningly beautiful new collection of the artist's paintings and drawings.

After the jump, we've got the full list of items being offered in the auction, but you can check out high-quality images of the sweet, sweet items mentioned above (and many more -- there are over 40 items total) at the dedicated eBay auction page itself.

Bid early, bid often, and remember that not only are you gunning for a true collector's item for yourself or a friend, but you're also supporting the first amendment rights of those who work in this most cherished of American artforms.

Full Auction List:


Bone drawing by Jeff Smith

Majestic #14, Page 22 by Diego Olmos & Bit

Kevin Nowlan Batman pin-up

Strangers in Paradise Issue 8, Page 2

Busted! cover by Dave Sim –

The Shy Creatures 11X17 drawing by David Mack

Batman Drawing 8.5X11 by Michael Jantze (The Norm)

11X17 Liberty-Woman pencil drawing by Bit

11X17 Hulk drawing by EJ Morges

11X17 TMNT Michelangelo drawing by Ryan Benjamin

11X17 Deathlok pencil drawing by Rich Buckler

Trinity Issue 2, Page 32 by Matt Wagner

Pirates of Coney Island page by Vasilis Lolos, signed by Lolos & Rick Spears

Exterminators Issue 14, Page 6 by Tony Moore & John Lucas. Signed by John Lucas

Jesus Saiz Manhunter full-color drawing 12X9.5

"How to Draw Star Wars" Zam Wessell sheet on vellum by Matt Busch

11X17 Hellboy drawing by JJ Kirby

11X17 Ladytron drawing by Joel Gomez

11.5X8.5 TMNT Raphael drawing by Ale Garza

11X17 Ladytron pencil drawing by Oliver Nome

Anita Blake Full-Color Print Z/Z signed by Laurel K Hamilton

War Stories J For Jenny Page 8 by David Lloyd

11X17 Transformers designs by Mark Brooks

8.5X11 Stardust "The Village of Wall" print signed by Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess AP/50

22X14 Spy vs Spy pencil strip by Peter Kuper on official Mad paper

Civil War – Embedded Issue 9 page 11 by Ramon Bachs & John Lucas. Signed by both

Dustin Nguyen 11X17 Batman Illustration

Larry Marder Beanworld Action Figure Frame Up

Books & More

Walking Dead v1 Retailer Edition HC signed & sketched by Kirkman

Walking Dead v1 HC AP/300 signed by Kirkman

Invincible v1 HC signed & sketched by Kirkman

Invincible Library v1 HC signed and dialogued by Kirkman

Walking Dead Omnibus v1 signed , sketched and ballooned by Kirkman

Kent Williams HC signed & sketched by Kent Williams

Frank Cho Sketches and Scribbles Book Three signed AP

Image Comics: The Road to Independence signed by all Image founders

All About P'Gell HC signed, tipped-in bookplate by Will Eisner 171/400

Art and Collaborations signed by Phil Hale

Andrew Robinson Goes to Zany Zonkerville HC signed & sketched by Robinson

Zen Shorts HC signed by Jon J Muth

Batman 608 Retailer Variant signed by Jim Lee

Civil War #1 Aspen Comics Variant signed by Michael Turner & Pete Steigerwald

Mouseguard #1 rare black & white edition

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