We’ve had plenty of time to process the demise and unfinished material of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, particularly as filled the gap under the new Disney umbrella. That said, at least some of the late Clone Wars material was eyed for a spinoff George Lucas declined, according to Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo.

Even as Star Wars: The Clone Wars put out a wealth of material past its fifth and final aired season, including a “Lost Missions” Netflix run, and arcs and animatics screened for fans, the series itself often maintained a tricky schedule. Lucasfilm story group member Pablo Hidalgo explained over Twitter (h/t CinemaBlend) that more episodes were ordered than actually aired in a given season, which occasionally displaced story arcs:

In particular, Hidalgo noted that production orders were generally 26 episodes, compared with 22 that make up a broadcast season. The configuration of Season 5 left them unable to break up certain arcs, capping out at 20 episodes and pushing some material to Season 6.

Interestingly however, Hidalgo reveals they’d considered removing the youngling arc from Season 5, and re-purposing it as a presentation for a new series. George Lucas even went so far as to screen the episodes at Star Wars Celebration, before deciding to leave it part of the series:

As we know, the sale of Star Wars to Disney more or less shuttered The Clone Wars (not to mention another completed Star Wars series), before the switch from Cartoon Network to Disney XD helped bring about Star Wars Rebels.

Any and all Star Wars properties seem to have left the Anakin Skywalker prequel era for good, but could a youngling-focused series have made an interesting Clone Wars companion?


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