Disney’s Star Wars Rebels has made no secret of its influence from the original designs of artist Ralph McQuarrie, but multiple designs have escaped even sharp-eyed viewers. No longer, as the latest Season 2 Blu-ray featurette spotlights everything from Kylo Ren’s lightsaber to Leia’s familiar costume.

Entertainment Weekly shared a new featurette from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Blu-ray release on August 30, specifically highlighting the breadth of easter eggs in Season 2. We all recognized the crossguard saber from The Force Awakens, but what of the character named for Ralph McQuarrie himself, or Leia’s familiar duds?

In addition to all 22 episodes, so reads the full list of special features:


From Apprentice to Adversary: Vader vs. Ahsoka (Exclusive to Blu-ray) – Executive producer Dave Filoni reflects on the climactic ending of the season, when Ahsoka Tano finally confronts Darth Vader in a long-awaited, fierce, and epic lightsaber battle.


Connecting the Galaxy: Rebels Season Two – Uncover hidden references, easter eggs, and connections to the Star Wars universe found throughout the season.
Rebels Recon – Blast off with 20 fun, fast-paced episode recons, featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with cast and crew, and more!

Elsewhere of Star Wars Rebels, new episodes will take a little trip through time to age up Ezra into a young Jedi teetering on the edge of light and dark. And while Darth Vader may not be so visible this time out (ditto for Ahsoka), Season 3 will more than make up for it with the introduction of Lars Mikkelsen (Rogue One star Mads’ brother) as Grand Admiral Thrawn, who returns to Star Wars canon after Disney’s acquisition of the franchise.

Season 3 will bring out its own easter eggs, but stay tuned for the latest on Star Wars Rebels in the meantime.


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