As readers of the "Ask Chris" column are already aware, Chris Sims knows an awful lot about comic books. But there are a lot of other die-hard fans out there with serious devotion to certain characters, and that's never on display more than at Comic-Con, where cosplayers who have spent months and months on their outfits dress up and walk the floor.

We decided to pit Chris against the fans of Comic-Con in a game that we called "Stump the Cosplayer," where Chris posed trivia questions to cosplayers about the characters people were cosplaying, including the Sailor Scouts, Dr. Girlfriend, and Poison Ivy. (Also, if the Wolverine seems familiar, that's because it's same guy who gave Curt Franklin a piggyback ride in our $10 Comic-Con Challenge! Dude gets around.) Check out the video to see who came out on top, Chris or the cosplayers!

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