Because Sucker Punch is a movie where people get punched, Hollywood rules apply and tie-in motion comics must be made. However, the new film by Zack Snyder has inspired a couple of uncommonly good original motion comics, including one by writer Mark Sable (Grounded, Unthinkable, Hazed). In both animated shorts, which you can see below, we're given beautifully illustrated glimpses into the rich fantasy worlds of Sucker Punch, and learn that to the inhabitants of those worlds, fantasy is reality.Directed by Ben Hibon and starring the voice of Keith David, Sable's short - which is probably too well animated to be called a motion comic - is called "Sucker Punch: Dragon" and depicts a religious war between men and orcs. The story is grim, violent, and features David saying cool things like "The arrogance of man is to think that belief, like anything else, can be shattered." Sable's story serves to familiarize us with this surrealistic world where dragons, orcs, men and mechanized aircraft exist simultaneously, and in which the heroines of Sucker Punch fight for their freedom.

A second piece, also directed by Ben Hibon, deals with the steampunk-esque zombie soldiers that we've seen the characters of Sucker Punch fight in trailers and other promotional materials. In this animated short, we see just where those monsters come from, and learn that although they may be soulless zombies in a crazy fantasy war, they were once men with families and loved ones. This animated short, called "Sucker Punch: The Trenches," will probably remind you a little of RoboCop.

Both motion comics can be downloaded for free in HD from Apple.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Sucker Punch opens March 25.

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