Batman isn’t the only one sporting new wheels in the DC movie universe — as briefly glimpsed in the official Suicide Squad footage, the Joker also has a pretty sweet new ride. If you want a closer look at the custom vehicle and would like to know more about how it was made, a new featurette has arrived from an unlikely source to give you the low-down on the Joker’s low-riding car.

Tampa’s local FOX 13 news (via Comic Book Movie) interviewed Matt McEntegart, the owner of Vaydor Exotics, and the guy responsible for creating the Joker’s sleek new vehicle. Batman’s most iconic and fearsome foe doesn’t typically have a signature vehicle of his own, but Suicide Squad isn’t your typical superhero film.

As it turns out, McEntegart was already a big fan of the classic super-villain, so he was more than happy to design the custom vehicle when Warner Bros. approached him with the job. The special report gives us a really good look at the car, which we’ve only seen during a nighttime chase sequence shown briefly in the Suicide Squad footage. Here we get to see it in full daylight, while McEntegart describes what went into building this awesome machine. The custom vehicle is built from a kit, with a fiberglass body that fits on a standard G35 Infiniti.

We’re not sure how prominent the car will be in the actual film, as reports have indicated that Batman’s arch-nemesis plays more of a secondary role, though the vehicle is used in at least one action sequence involving Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Ben Affleck’s Batman.

We’ll get to see the Joker’s ride in action when Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.