Comic book artist Sean Phillips enjoyed a rare privilege on Monday, when his work was distributed to millions of Los Angeles Times Magazine subscribers in the form of "Sunset on Sunset," an eight-page comic created with crime novelist Don Winslow. The author of such books as Savages and The Winter of Frankie Machine teamed up with the lauded Criminal and Incognito artist to create a violent and beautiful little tale that demonstrates the conflicting truths about the City of Angels.Whether by design or coincidence, the timing of "Sunset on Sunset" is fortuitous for Phillips and comics writer Ed Brubaker, whose new Criminal comic book, "The Last of the Innocent," was recently announced with a two-page preview ComicsAlliance published last week. Hopefully the readers of Winslow -- whose latest book, Savages, about American drug dealers in conflict with a violent Mexican cartel, was hugely praised by The New York Times -- as well as the Los Angeles Times Magazine will seek out more of Phillips work in this genre, specifically Criminal.

Read the complete "Sunset on Sunset" by Don Winslow and Sean Phillips at the Los Angeles Times Magazine's website.

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