Costume design is one of the great strengths of the superhero genre, a way to establish distinctive visual shorthand for a character and reveal key details about concept, purpose, and personality. But which is the best superhero costume of all time? This month, we're asking you to decide, by voting up your favorites and voting down the rest. When we have your votes, we'll compile a list of the greatest super-costumes of all time.

For today's poll, we're looking at two of the biggest icons in the superhero biz. DC unveiled new costumes for Superman and Wonder Woman only yesterday, but we're not going to ask you to vote on those before you've had a chance to adjust, so instead we're looking at these heroes' best known costumes --- and a few of their other notable wardrobe changes.

With these characters more than most, there have been dozens of alterations to their most famous costumes from one artist to the next, from the shape of Superman's S-shield to the details of the decorations on Wonder Woman's top. Vote for the version you like best, and not the version we've chosen for our illustration.

Standard disclaimer: Each poll is a simple binary choice. If the costume is a 10/10 perfect piece of design, vote 'perfect'. If it's anything less, vote 'flawed'.


Design by Joe Shuster, with Paul Cassidy and Max Fleischer


Design by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter


Designer unknown, possibly Scot Eaton


Design by Mike Deodato


Design by Jim Lee


Design by Terry Dodson after Mike Sekowsky