As a guy whose biggest contribution to baking last year was popping open a tube of crescent roll dough, I find the efforts of the kitchen-inclined fairly heroic (super heroic if they use the secret ingredient of love). Heroic bakers now have stylish aprons to match their efforts, thanks to the custom works of Bethany Sew-and-Sew, who offers designs based on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Sailor Moon and scads more at her website. Check out a few of our favorite designs after the jump.Bethany Sew-and-Sew's creations run from $35-50+ based on each apron's design and materials and come in versatile sizes for men, women and children. BS&S also takes custom commissions, meaning your kitchen-themed cosplay dreams could easily become a reality if you book early enough in the convention season.

See a few of our favorite BS&S creations below:

[Via Neatorama]