To commemorate the upcoming 15th anniversary of the Marvel vs. DC crossover -- and in keeping with our unofficial motto of "ComicsAlliance: Because We Can" -- the CA editors recently commissioned something that we had long dreamed about: a massive mural of the Marvel and DC characters in the midst of an epic battle (with bonus Amalgam characters) by Ulises Farinas, packed with hidden characters and items for our readers to find in the totally non-copyright infringing spirit of the Where's Waldo books.

Your mission is to find the Invisible Woman, whom we have hidden somewhere in the mural (really). This piece of art is basically insane, and I highly recommend that you click through to the high-res version below in order to appreciate the level of detail involved, and find all of the lost items on the checklist, like the 8 Lantern Corps rings and some very specific pastries.

Read the item checklist below and click through for the vastly superior hi-res version!

Checklist of items to find:

4 Cupcakes

7 Twinkies

2 Sno Balls

1 Chocolate Zinger

1 Yodel

1 Metrocard

Captain America's Classic Shield

A Daily Bugle Newspaper

All 6 Infinity Gems

All 8 Green Lantern Rings

Joker's Bang-Gun

1 Daily Planet Newspaper

5 A.I.M. Agents

4 Gotham City Police Officers

The Spidermobile

The Batmobile

The Avengers Quinjet

The Fantastic Four Fantasticar

The X-Men's Blackbird

The Titanic

Wolverine's Weapon-X Helmet

Batman's Robot T-Rex

A Piece of Cheese

The Cosmic Cube

Peter Parker's Camera

3 Comics Longboxes

The Bottle City of Kandor

1 Piece of Kryptonite

Beta Ray Bill's Hammer

The Hall of Doom

The Ultimate Nullifier

Skrull Electra

Skrull Capt America

Skrull Spiderman

Skrull Cyclops

Comic Book Covers:

-Amazing Spiderman #50

-Avengers #4

-Crisis on Infinite Earths #7

-Fantastic Four #1

Drunk Tony Stark & 4 suits of Iron Man Armor:

-Silver Centurion

-Original Steel Grey

-Classic Horned Red & Yellow

-Classic Red & Yellow

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