After saving the world for almost 75 years, Superman's publication history across comics of all kinds is pretty staggering, meaning some of the Man of Steel's printed adventures were bound to slip through the cracks. Take the Superman newspaper strips that ran from 1939-1966. Only about 10 percent of its 25-year run have been reprinted. Luckily for Man of Steel completionists, the Library of American Comics, a subsidiary of IDW Publishing, has announced a partnership with DC Entertainment to re-publish the entirety of Superman's newspaper adventures in a series of deluxe hardcovers.The complete series will run through three different sets of hardcovers, each comprising a different era in Superman's publication history, The Silver Age, The Atomic Age, and The Golden Age. Starting with The Silver Age Vol. 1: 1958-1961, available in July, the hardcovers will collect more than 800 strips from Superman artists like Curt Swan, Wayne Boring, and Stan Kaye. Perhaps most importantly, the republished strips also feature Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel's scripts that adapted of some of the then-current regular DC Comics storylines.

"It's like discovering an entire alternate universe of famous Silver Age comic book stories. It's better than an imaginary story-it's Jerry Siegel doing a remake of his classic Superman's Return to Krypton!'s Curt Swan, not Al Plastino, drawing The Menace of Metallo. Superman fans might want to consider these strips as taking place on a brand new world- Earth-N for Newspapers!" said Dean Mullaney, creative director of the Library of American Comics, in IDW's official press release.

Batman and Wonder Woman newspaper strip hardcover collections have also been announced, though specific release details are still pending.

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