Hey, you guys! One of the coolest new Christmas presents has just been made available on the Internet!

It's a giant plush T-Rex from Ryan North's "Dinosaur Comics," you guys!

In all seriousness, this is a pretty darn cool collectible. T-Rex is one of the great webcomics heroes of our time, so the fact that you can purchase a big, rotund and huggable version of the big green lug thanks to the folks at TopatoCo is truly terrific.While his spherical shape isn't exactly what I'm used to given the six panel structure of "Dinosaur Comics," I get the sense that a truer-to-form version of T-Rex would be less cute and cuddly. I'm happy to make the continuity sacrifice in exchange for being able to comfortably hold T-Rex while he waxes philosophic to my sleeping ears all night long.

Besides, as the product listing itself explains, "He's LEVELED UP in order to sleep in your bed or play with your friends and life partners!! And he is made of Squishable Stuff which means you'll want to hug him all day long."

Even Utahraptor's typically sagely advice couldn't talk me out of buying this thing. How about you guys?

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